Diamond Certificate

 When you go to buy a piece of diamond jewelry, such as an engagement
ring, a necklace, earrings, a bracelet etc, you should request a Diamond
Certificate. This certificate is the identity card of your diamond, and it
provides the unique details regarding the quality of the diamond that you have purchased. These details include the size of the diamond, its color, shape and the clarity level.


The Diamond Certificate provides assurance that the diamond is authentic
and of good quality. The certificate is provided by labratories specializing in
diamond quality. In Israel these labs are located in the Diamond Bourse in
Ramat Gan. The names of the labs in Israel and worldwide are; EGL, GIA,
AGS, IGI, and HRD-1. A gemologist can explain the details described in the
Diamond Certificate. We recommend that you save the certificate in a safe
place for the following reasons; Firstly, the certificate could then accompany 
the diamond for many years as it is passed as an inheritance. Secondly, the
certificate is required for the insurance of jewelry.


The Price of a Diamond

 The price of a diamond is based on four main criteria; Size, shape, color
and clarity. These four criteria are known as the Four Cs (color, cut, carat,
clarity). Additional criteria include the proportion of the diamond, the
professional level of the finish, the width of the table (meaning the widest
part of the diamond) and the depth of the stone. In many cases, the price
of a piece of jewelry can be significantly lowered by purchasing the
diamond separately, helping you stay within your budget. You can then fit
the diamond to a piece of jewelry or a jeweler can design you the piece of
your dreams.The final price of the jewelry you create will be less expensive
than  the purchase price in stores due to the absence of the middleman.
In addition the price is not inflated due to being labeled with a special brand


Maintaining the Brightness of the Diamond

 The diamond that you purchase will be clean and sparkling.
Over time, and the more frequently that you wear the jewelry, the
brightness of the diamond will dull as a result of contact with dust
in the air, oil and human contact. Therefore, it is recommended
clean the diamond every few months.You can have a jeweler clean
it for you, or you can clean it yourself using a jewelry cleanser.
A less  professional method of cleaning, but still effective, can be accomplished by brushing the diamond with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Diamond Certificate